Beurre Christmas Petit Fours Dessert


The way you feel about Ryan Gosling is the way we feel about making pâtisserie (and also the way we feel about Ryan Gosling). We can create chocolate tarts filled with salted caramel and finished with hazelnut mousse. Or maybe a mille-feuille consisting of sheets of crunchy, caramelly, hand-rolled puff pastry, layered with super smooth crème patissière. Bite-sized, individual portions or in a large size; whatever it is your sugar-filled heart desires, we can create it for you to eat alone in a dark corner (advised) or to share with others (if you feel like it, I guess).

Beurre Caramel Popcorn Eclairs.jpg

Dessert tables

If you can't decide what flavours you like, we can put together a  dessert table for your wedding, event or party, consisting of a range of pâtisseries and or cakes. As everything else we offer, the desserts would be custom made per your tastes, to ensure that maximum food inhaling is practiced by both yourself, and your guests. 

Beurre Snickers Gold Wedding Cake

Cake party

Whether it's minimal and elegant, or exploding with colour, flavoured simply but packed full of taste, or loaded with your favourite flavours, we are here with bells, whistles and all the buttercream. We would love absolutely to make your special event that much more memorable with one of our mouth-watering and beautiful cakes.